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Susan from Glendale on Rush Limbaugh

Susan from Glendale on Rush Limbaugh

This is one phone call every American should listen to.

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I was there!!

The March in Washington

A defining experience for a Charleston citizen

The following is an e mail that was sent to me and others by Marsha Baxter. She travelled to Washington for the event on a Charleston Tea Party bus and participated in the march. Her letter says it all. Editor

How does one describe a life defining moment… I never believed that I could be involved in such an experience, I had allowed myself to become trusting and complacent, willing to allow others to be the watchdog and voice that should have been me. I have trusted network news to be the informant of issues in our Congress; misplaced trust… I have learned the lesson.
I have been surprising myself of late. Never in my 60 years have I become so awake to the actions of our Congress and the direction they are taking this nation. Their actions, self-interests and corruption are taking this great nation down and we must stop the death spiral. I am still defining how I can participate in this counter-activity, I know I have to study and read and listen to the overwhelming evidence and then I must make my voice heard, I must stand together to protect our liberty. The Tea Party Movement appears to be my choice.
I rode to DC this past weekend with a bus load of professionals, not radicals, nor extremists, etc. but professionals from every career. Physicians, pastors, engineers, state Senator, teachers, contractors, etc.. Our only agenda was to stand and be recognized as disagreeing with our nation’s leadership. The issues were many, but we were not special interest at all. I wish I had the vocabulary to express the very full heart, the sense of pride I felt participating; just being on the bus was an education. Then standing in Freedom Square literally crammed in together like sardines in a can and singing our Nation’s songs and facing the American Flag with our hands over our hearts.. Tears streaming and hearts full of pride, voices choked from emotion… The March was started 30-45 minutes earlier then planned because our numbers were so large, the DC police was concerned for safety, etc. The walk was slow and deliberate and respectful. We were in awe of the massive buildings, the monuments, the White House and the Capital, HUGE… and we were there, WE WERE THERE, exercising our God given right to make our voices heard, standing on hollowed ground given to us by our Nation’s founders, the signers of the Declaration of Independence, the authors of our Constitution and fought to protect by our Nation’s military. So many American hero’s… So many people from every walk of life, united in the conviction that we must make our voices heard, we must take back our nation, we must stop our President and Congress.
And the chants, the voices raised united… “We love Joe”; “You Lie”; “Joe for President”; “Flip the House” and many more… Believe me a common theme throughout this entire experience was to vote out every existing Rep, Senator and President as they come up for re-election. This Grass Roots Movement will be one to be reckoned with since we are founded on our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, our Freedom, our Liberty .
A revelation was the disappointment in our media and their accurate coverage of this historic event.. Our numbers were huge and grew all day as people rushed to get to some portion of the event, whatever their schedules allowed.. Stories abounded about our numbers, about buses stopped at the bridges and not allowed in because of space constraints in parking these huge vehicles… Why does our media down-play reality?? Who truly owns our media and the coverage they report? Where is our voice?? NOT IN OUR MEDIA!! Fox had the most coverage and is appreciated. Perhaps our media has become too complacent and mainstreamed to realize the significance of this event.
But one stand-out point that must not be missed, we were not individuals at this march, each one of us was representing hundreds if not thousands of folks back home that could not attend for various reasons…This Grass-Roots movement is huge, this Silent Majority is silent no more…
My heart is full, my cup runneth over from this monumental event and I WAS THERE! I stood up!! I took action… I took my seat on the bus… A sense of pride fills my heart and a search for answers, tickles my brain. Complacency is a disease; I plan to cure in myself. I will research and study and work to expose the fraud, the theft, the lies. And I will be in the background observing and reporting to those politicians that have the intelligence, the integrity and the conviction to get our country back on the right path identified by our Founders, our Forbearers’…
This event has become one of my life-defining moments. I pray I can keep the momentum. I must.

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President to Address the Children

Gary P.
Published 09/03/2009 - 9:40 a.m. CST
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Obama to address all U.S. School Children on September 8, 2009 Slide Show

Sounds rather ominous, doesn’t it?
Well, frankly, if this was anyone but Barack Obama, I wouldn’t give it a second thought, although, one has to wonder what the reaction would be if this was George W Bush or Sarah Palin doing this instead of the “Dear Leader.”
On September 8, Barack Obama will address every school kid in America, reason number 216 to home school. Obama has already sent out an agenda for the teachers to follow.
President Obama’s Address to Students Across America September 8, 2009
Again, on the surface, not all that ominous, but this is Barack Obama we are talking about here, a committed communist who was mentored from the tender age of 10 years old by communist Frank Marshall Davis. This is Barack Obama who, in his books, says he sought our Marxist radicals in college as well as the Marxist professors. Those were his people.
This is a guy who has surrounded himself with communist radicals all throughout his adult life. From violent terrorists like Bill Ayers, to the current group of “advisers” like Van Jones, Mark Lloyd, Cass Sunstein, Dr Ezeikiel Emanuel, and others. All of this bunch have a few things in common. They are all self described communists and they all absolutely hate America in her current form.
Now another troubling thing about this deal, is people like terrorist Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn, a convicted felon, are considered “respected intellectuals” in academia. They are held up examples of the way it should be.
Ayers and Obama worked very closely on two “educational foundations” where they doled out millions of dollars to left wing subversive groups like ACORN, for “education.”
Dr. Stanley Kurtz, a Senior Fellow at the Ethics & Public Policy Center, has written extensively about this, and if you want to understand this situation better, click here.
We know Obama spent his early career at ACORN training the rent-a-mobs in the finer art of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” a communist manifesto for “community organizing”, and a book Alinsky dedicated to Lucifer (the devil) who he called “the first radical.”
So it is not any stretch to say that Barack Obama is a communist and a true believer. Everything this guy has done points to his attempt to set up a permanent communist state here in America, replacing our Representative Republic.
Using the youth of a nation, polluting their minds with communist and socialist ideas is a proven tactic, that works and works well. Look at groups like PETA and the enviro-crazies. They work overtime trying to influence your children. They want your children to put pressure on you to change your ways.
How many times have your kids worn you out about global warming?
Not only are the kids bombarded with propaganda at school but even children’s cartoons are full of it. The great shows we grew up with, like “Bugs Bunny” and “Tom and Jerry”, have been replaced with “Captain Planet!” Almost all children's programming has a heavy dose of left wing ideology intermingled throughout their story lines.
Nothing wrong with caring about the earth, or anything else, but let kids be kids, they will be worrying about life soon enough!
The communists won’t let your kids alone though. They understand this is the most effective way to change society. The communist is patient. They have been trying to take over America for 100 years. They understand that we all die at some point, and the old ideas can be left to die out as well, replaced with their idea of society.
This, is a great time to remind folks of what Ronald Reagan had to say about this:
“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” – Ronald Reagan
Words to live by, for sure.
In North Korea school children are taught about the “Dear Leader.” They sing songs of praise.

Feds starve people of water to "help" fish

What is happening to the farmers in the San Joaquin Valley is a tragedy.Please watch the video below over at the Pacific Legal Foundaton.

Feds starve people of water to "help" fish

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pasadena Patriots launches new website

Its a good one, worth visiting.

Diane Watson praises Fidel, calls you racist

Congressman Diane Watson is a despicable human being. Not only is she implying patriotic Americans are racist, but she is also praising a murderer like Fidel Castro.

Its not because Obama is Black Diane that we want him to fail. Its because of his socialist/marxist agenda.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Statement on the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy

Statement on the Passing of Senator Edward Kennedy

Human Life International’s Statement on the Passing of Senator Edward Kennedy
August 29th, 2009 by Fr. Thomas Euteneuer

We must, as a matter of precept, pray for the salvation of heretical Catholics like Senator Edward Kennedy, but we do not have to praise him let alone extol him with the full honors of a public Catholic funeral and all the adulation that attends such an event. There was very little about Ted Kennedy’s life that deserves admiration from a spiritual or moral point of view. He was probably the worst example of a Catholic statesman that one can think of. When all is said and done, he has distorted the concept of what it means to be a Catholic in public life more than anyone else in leadership today.

Obviously we don’t know the state of Senator Edward Kennedy’s soul upon death. We don’t pretend to. We are told by the family that he had the opportunity to confess his sins before a priest, and his priest has said publicly he was "at peace" when he died. For that we are grateful. But it is one thing to confess one’s sins and for these matters to be kept, rightfully, private. It is another thing entirely for one who so consistently and publicly advocated for the destruction of unborn human beings to depart the stage without a public repudiation of these views, a public confession, as it were.

It is up to God to judge Senator Kennedy’s soul. We, as rational persons, must judge his actions, and his actions were not at all in line with one who values and carefully applies Church teaching on weighty matters. Ted Kennedy’s positions on a variety of issues have been a grave scandal for decades, and to honor this "catholic" champion of the culture of death with a Catholic funeral is unjust to those who have actually paid the price of fidelity. We now find out that President Obama will eulogize the Senator at his funeral, an indignity which, following on the heels of the Notre Dame fiasco, leaves faithful Catholics feeling sullied, desecrated and dehumanized by men who seem to look for opportunities to slap the Church in the face and do so with impunity simply because they have positions of power.

It is not enough for Kennedy to have been a "great guy behind the scenes" as we have seen him referred to even by his political opponents. It is also not praiseworthy to put a Catholic rhetorical veneer on his leftist politics that did nothing to advance true justice as the Church sees it or to advance the peace of Christ in this world. Every indication of Senator Kennedy’s career, every public appearance, every sound bite showed an acerbic, divisive and partisan political hack for whom party politics were much more infallible than Church doctrines. Whatever one’s political affiliation, if one is only "Catholic" to the extent that his faith rhymes with his party line, then his Catholicism is a fraud.

As the Scriptures remind us, there is a time for everything under the sun. This, now, is the time for honesty about our Faith and about those who are called to express it in the public forum. If we do not remind ourselves of the necessity of public confession for public sins such as Senator Kennedy was guilty of, then we are negligent in our embrace of the Faith and we are part of the problem. As Pope Benedict has reminded us recently, charity without truth can easily become mere sentimentality, and we must not fall into that error. A Catholic show of charity for the family must not eclipse the truth that is required of all with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Senator Kennedy needs to be sent to the afterlife with a private, family-only funeral and the prayers of the Church for the salvation of his immortal soul. He will not be missed by the unborn who he betrayed time and time again, nor by the rest of us who are laboring to undo the scandalous example of Catholicism that he gave to three generations of Americans.

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Tea Party Express

Here is the link to the Tea Party Express

The Tea Party Express national bus tour will host a series of tea party rallies all across the nation. The effort will begin in California and travel eastward, building momentum as the tour reaches its final destination: the big 09.12.09 Taxpayer March on D.C.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Report on Congesswoman Susan Davis Townhall

The following report is from Scott Reiker of the San Diego Tea Party:

We had a whopper of a turnout at Susan Davis’s town hall meeting in Spring Valley Saturday Aug 28. There were a thousand or more people total. I think we had at least as many there as the pro Obamacare folks did. We were a lot more vocal however. Anytime a statement was made we agreed with or found a problem with, the place rocked. Before the program started the pro Obamacare people began a chant which we countered and blew them out. There was some friendly discussion between some people. I don’t believe that Davis had any idea of exactly who she was about to deal with.

Davis started by giving a “short” talk about why we need health care reform. She was met with jeers when she made statements that were obviously innacurate or obfuscated. I could tell this was not to be the dog and pony show of a month ago in Hillcrest. The process used to choose questioners was fair, names were picked from a box, pretty random. I don’t think there were more than 5 softball, suck up questions the entire time.

As people asked particularly pertinent questions, the crowd would cheer loudly. As Davis danced around giving an accurate answer or gave an answer that was not acceptable, she was met with scorching shouts from the crowd. She heard from the people and the people left no doubt that socialism and communism were not what we want.

One particularly interesting exchange was made when Davis was asked about a poll on her web site asking if Obamacare was wanted. Apparently the results showed 85% no. The question was something like, “Are you going to vote on this matter as your constituents have told you they want?” Her answer was that she believed in the public option. In other words, damn my constituents,I’ll vote any way I want. You should have heard the roar, it was a beautiful noise! This is something the people in her district need to know about.

The people sitting to my left were, well, leftists. The guys behind them were not. The guys behind started a conversation about why the lefties believed what they believed and would not accept the anwers that were given. When pushed further the lefties had no answers and just started laughing at the questions. They were given no quarter and their false laughter sounded more and more false, forced and frankly, like they didn’t believe in it anymore. Once the show started and it became obvious that this was not going to be a worship service for Davis and Obamacare the lefties left in a huff. Pretty entertaining really. There was no hint of confrontation that could have led to violence during the entire event. We had a great time as seemed everyone else did, excepting Davis and her crowd.

If you don’t believe in a God the end of the program should give you pause to reconsider. There were two speakers chosen to to ask the last questions. No better people could have been chosen. Suzanne, who belongs to our Tea Party as well as being very active in other public service and conservative groups, and our own organizer Jeff Wangsgaard were given the final questions and considering Davis’s answers theirs were the final words.

Suzanne spoke of our history on independence and why should government be involved in our lives from cradle to grave. As Suzanne pointed out afterward there was no answer forthcoming from Davis.
Jeff spoke to the already huge national debt and the complete lack of funds, and therefore, the affordability of Obamacare. He asked Davis to explain the funding while it is fully well known the answer is simply raise taxes on everyone. Davis’ answer, raise taxes on the wealthy. Boy did we hear that beautiful noise from the people again. Cries of liar, unacceptable, communist and socialism rang out. The look on Davis's face was worth the long hot wait outside as well as the hour wait inside. It was rewarding to see and hear the people speak to their misrepresentative.

For me this was a lot of fun. It is such a shame that losing our freedom, our liberty, our Constitution and our country is so very serious and so very real.

A heartfelt Thank You to those who turned out. To those who couldn't make it, it is not over. There is much heavy lifting to do and the more of us that take part the easier it will be for all.

Click here for a few photos

Link to videos

Liberty and freedom,
Scott Rieker

Report on the Tea Party March on Sacramento

Here is a report on the Tea Party March on Sacremento from one of the Conservative Activists members who went, Jane Lauhon of Temecula. I've made that long bus trip to protest in Sacremento before and the people who went are very dedicated activists; we owe them our thanks:

"Ted asked me to report on the trip to the Tea Party March on Sacramento this past Friday. The North County Conservatives (San Diego County), coordinated a tour bus trip for some San Diego County residents and included some of us from Temecula and Murrieta and Sun City. Those of us from up here, met the bus at 12:15 am Friday morning at Hope Lutheran Church in Temecula. There were, probably, around 30 of us on the bus and many of us were too wound up to sleep, so, chattered for several hours. Some of us did manage to finally get a few winks. We arrived in Sacramento about 8:00 am, or thereabouts, and found a little cafe and ate breakfast. We wandered around until some the activities began at 11:00. It got pretty hot, but, there are hugh trees on the grounds of the Capital building and the shade from those trees made the weather bearable.

The police presence was very noticeable and we all were glad to have that support. A lady that I met at the Tea Party told me she understood ACORN was supposed to be there. I asked one of the officers about that and he did confirm that they may join us. He told me they would be escorted out of our area and told to stand behind a barricade. The only problem that I am aware of was an older woman member of ACORN was yelling and cussing at one of the farmer who was speaking. The police escorted her our of the vicinity. There was one arrest of a young male who was wearing a black hoodie with the hood over his head, but, don't know what that was all about. I am very grateful for the police presence at the event.

Of course, the Tea Party Express was a great highlight! They stuck around for a while, then, left to start their tour to the March on Washington, DC on September 12, 2009. There were songs being sung and many speakers on the stage that day. While the farmer, who I mentioned earlier, was speaking, tractors and dump trucks were being driven around the block of the Capital building which was a great sight to behold! They were all very appreciative of our support and I hope they are successful in getting their water back on.

Not only were the farmers being supported; Veteran's, former and past were being honored. It was so great to see some of our current Veterans dressed in their cammo's up on the stage along with other veterans who were present in the audience and asked to come up to the stage, also. The Patriotism that was displayed on Friday made me even that much prouder to be an American citizen and gives me more will to fight for our country! The current administration has UNDERESTIMATED THE WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!

Our bus left for home at 5:00 p.m. which was the ending time of the Tea Party. We stopped just outside of Sacramento and ate a quick dinner at a Wendy's and were on our way. We arrived in Temecula about 2:00 a.m. Everyone on the bus was pretty tired, but, elated at the same time. I probably have left some things out of my report because there was so much going on, but, I think you all get the feeling of how our day went!!

Jane Lauhon.

Here are video links sent by Jane:

Sacramento Tea Party Highlights - 28 August 2009 (Part 1):

Sacramento Tea Party Highlights - 28 August 2009 (Part 2): There is a picture of one of the Tea Party Express buses in this one.

This link is to a great video of the August 28 Tea Sacramento Tea Party. Listen to what some of the Veteran's have to say; it will blow your mind!!:

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More Health Care Truths

Subject: More Healthcare truths


Ok, this is worth every MINUTE (ONLY 4) to watch this! THIS HITS IT OUT OF THE BALL PARK! AND IT ONLY has HAD 24,048 views…

it was taken inside Congress with a Congressman… YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS…and Y OU MUST PASS THIS ON!!!



Organizing for America "Townhall" admits private health care will be destroyed

Click on image above to enlarge.

I attended an Organizing for America "Townhall" in Claremont Thursday night. In reality, it was not a true townhall. It was a 1 1/2 hour sales presentation by Obama supporters (some admitted socialists),most of whom are members of an Organization called "The American Institute for Progressive Democracy". One surprising thing was that they admitted in their literature that they believe the so-called "public option" will cause the private for-profit sector to recognize that it can not effective compete.

This is what Conservatives have been saying all along. That the public option will destroy the free enterprise system in the health care sector. At least they are finally admitting it.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Unamerican Obama supporter cursed out Congressman

Over 700 patriotic America loving tea party patriots listened to Congressman Jerry Lewis at a town hall sponsored by the Redlands Tea Party. Congressman Lewis warned about the wealth redistrubition (marxist) polices of Barack Obama. The Redlands Tea Party Patriots are the kind of people who have been called "unamerican" and carrying "Nazi signs". View the video yourself and decide who the vulgar unamerican person is.

Redlands Tea Party video excerpt

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Ronald Reagan speaks out against socialized medicine

Ronald Reagan speaks out against socialized medicine in 1961. His warnings are just as timely for Americans as they were when he spoke them 48 years ago.


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